Back! By popular demand!

Jk, there hasn’t really been a demand at all, this is just something that I (and okay, a few other people have suggested), for some time, thought might a fun idea for me to house some of my more (and less) creative musings. A blog.

Starting from the very first Geoghegan family Christmas letters I can remember, my thirteen-year-old self found writing to be pleasing activity. I asked for the writing journal entitled “I Am A Writer” from Santa that year because, yes, I was going to be a famous writer. But my first story about all my stuffed animals coming to life when I left the house and a young girl being taken to the animal kingdom to save a bunch of rescue dogs started to look alarmingly like a mashup between Toy Story and The Wild Thornberrys—I concluded my best ideas had already been taken.

A few years later came the rise of the internet and the blogoshpere and I thought “yes, I’ll have a blog and the post titles will be playfully alliterative and original and I’ll bake and sew and show people how to DIY all of those things like the good woman I’m meant to be.” Well, anyone that knows me also knows I once attempted to bake brownies with olive oil, I have no patience for teaching and I have the work ethic equal to a sloth.

And then I had this study abroad blog (because that’s what you do when you go abroad) where I was predictably too busy having the time of my life/finding wifi to properly have a ‘blog’. I posted more things and have had more thoughts about being abroad since not being abroad than I actually did when abroad.

I have a confession to make: despite my usual bitter tone I take when writing the Geoghegan family Christmas letter, it is something I actually enjoy writing and something I hope you enjoy reading.

So I’m making a blog now because I want to and because I’ll enjoy it…but, to be honest, I don’t really give a shit if you enjoy reading it or not.