Funny Feminism: The Cost of Humor

Feminist issues are issues of human rights. And fighting for human rights isn’t fun. But how many more people have seen Pitch Perfect 2 than The Hunting Ground? More people read humorous books, watch humorous shows and movies. In fact, from a very scientific poll I recently conducted (ahem…messaging friends with various Pusheen cats, on Facebook, during work hours), 100% of my outwardly feminist friends had heard of or were more familiarized with Lena Dunham’s Not that Kind of Girl than the works of Simone de Beauvoir. With humor and hilarity, we are given a grander stage, a brighter light. Because haven’t you heard? Women are funny now!

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Sometimes I miss writing essays à la AP English I went Book Report Rogue and wrote something for Obvi.

Grant it, I reference Pusheen, include a least three swear words, and didn't start this essay at 2am like [most] high school assignments...