A Letter to My 30-Year-Old Self

I honestly don’t know what your job will look like at this point or where you’ll be living. Whatever ad gig you’re working, column you’re writing, TV series you’re producing, or country you’re traveling, I hope you took a risk to get there. I don’t care if it paid off, because either way I’m sure you learned something. And you better have written about it. (Molly, I swear, if you have yet to write about a big life event, stop reading immediately and scribble into whatever notebook you have lying around. I know you always have at least three journals on hand). Remember it’s about the experiences you have, not materials or money you have to show for it—and if you write it down, you’ll have both.

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An exercise equal in difficulty and insightfulness...For example: Interesting to realize my biggest aspirations for my thirtieth year all fit into a semi sad, lo-fi indie dramedy. 

Did not know that about self...