Making Our "Private Parts" A Little Less Private

I was raised in a comfortable and loving home in a comfortable and loving neighborhood. My family ate dinners together most every night, I got to go to the zoo a fairly often, and always got home from school in time to watch “The Magic School Bus.”

We also used the words “private parts” to refer to a penis or vagina.

Since I grew up with that term, I thought it was one that everyone else used. “Private parts” was a hush-hush topic, something only my closest girlfriends and I giggled about. It was a secret, it was silly—it was concealed. It took me a long time to understand that yes, although these parts of our body are private, this is not what they are called at all.

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LOLOLOL Mostly just wanted to see how many times I could fit the words "penis" and "vagina" in this essay. #fourthgradehumor4lyfe