Essays, Non-Fiction, Poetry

In the Shadow of Tragedy: Life After Columbine
featured on the Auschwitz Jewish Center "Reflections" newsletter

"During my second year of high school, I directed a tourist who was wandering the hallways taking photographs out of the building and to the nearby Columbine memorial. I was angry, not because I was late to class, but because that person saw my school as a place to be mourned, not a place where hundreds of students were learning. "

Two Boob Or Not Two Boob?

"In essence, I set limits for myself on each ‘boyish’ endeavor I learned, so as not to master it more than my male counterparts. I was your average fourth grade girl. But I was also 'just one of the guys.'"

Content Marketing

The Genius in Guinness
featured on GhostRanch Communications "Decked Out" 

"Differentiation begins with a brew’s branding. The way a brewery presents itself can alter its marketing outcomes entirely. And of course, behind every brand is a story.

The story of Arthur Guinness and St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin began with a 9,000 year lease."


Lighten Up
featured on Obvi, We're the Ladies

"Yessir, chivalry is not yet dead and neither are male self-congratulating egos. She smiles weakly, supposing he means well—she’s in a hurry anyway.
Lighten up."

WWOOFing With Families: Farm-to-Family Adventures
featured on Almost Fearless Magazine: Fall Issue

"The idea of this communal exchange as a form of "thanks" sums it up perfectly.

To WWOOF is to embrace an entirely different lifestyle than your norm, pick up on the rhythms of nature, learn to live with what’s available and use what you produce to benefit the community around you."

Bleed The Bed
featured on Obvi, We're the Ladies

"Someone tell me why toxic shock syndrome isn’t the thing keeping me awake these sweaty early morning hours? Why is that not listed on my luxury-taxed box?

Alternatively, I find myself crouched over the toilet, one hand stained up to my third knuckle and the other clutching a silicon cup that promises, teases: “No more tampons. No more taxes.”

Am I an environmentalist yet?"